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Concept-Therapy – Mattox, Oholendt Team >

Concept-Therapy – Sanders, McLean, Carlile Team >

Phase 1 – Mattox Team

Phase 1 – Parisi Teaching Team

Phase 2 – Mattox Team

Phase 3 – Alexander/Buse Team

Phase 4 – AST Team

Phase 5 – Mattox Team

Phase 6 – Mattox Team

Phase 7 – Mattox Team

Psychiatric Principles Applied – Mattox Team

Basic Principles- Frank Parisi

Chiropractic Principles & Practice – Klingbail Team

NEW – Cosmic Principles – Mattox Team

Suggestive Therapy – Parisi Teaching Team>

IOTBC Convention, San Antonio

NEW – Teacher Lunch & Learn

Path to Health (Open to Public no password required)


What Is This Thing Called Love? – Billy Mitchell

New Year’s Resolutions That Stick! – Mark Oholendt


What Is A Cosmic Perspective – DorisMitchell

Why Help Others – BJ Woodyard

What Makes A Family – Dr. Carmen Carlile

Global Awareness & You – Patsy Inglet

Has Technology Changed Us – Mark Oholendt

How We Learn What We Know – Bill Mitchell

Got Spirit – Sally Hamer

Balanced Mind, Balanced Body – Mattox

Exercise Mary Love

Critical Thinking – Sally Hamer

Who Are You – Mark Oholendt

Temptation – Bill Mitchell


Why People need People – Haley Sheehan

The Art of Getting Along With Teenagers – Bennie Harris

Consciousness. Evolved. – Doris Mitchell

Natural Laws and Their Relation to Health and Disease – Bill Mitchell

Building Healthy Relationships – Patsy Inglet

Overcoming Life’s Challenges – Bob Lucash

What’s Holding You Back? – Vicki Mohr

Movement – Austin Creasy and Joselyn Crews

How Not to be Confused – Bill Mitchell

Creating Better Relationships at Home and Work – Don and Anne Hardy-Holley

CTI Matters (Password required)

CTI Matters Dec 3

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